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HappyTenant brings efficiency and growth to your Business

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

A complete solution for your entire business, across all stakeholders. Automate core business processes and use your time to create value, not paperwork.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Attract new landlords and grow your portfolio by turning Happy Tenant into a business development tool.

Stay Competitive

Stay Competitive

Make faster decisions and improve KPIs with real-time insight into performance and customer happiness

Improve communication

Improve communication

Streamline your communications with tenants, landlords, and vendors. Stay connected through personalized notifications, payment alerts, and maintenance tracking.

Take your business anywhere

Take your business anywhere

Bring your data, processes and business intelligence with you, wherever you are, with a cloud-based core, and a fully integrated suite of mobile apps

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Powerful, real-time insights provide instant assessment of portfolio performance metrics, transactions, payments and upcoming lease renewals.

  • Snapshot of your portfolio performance based on the properties, regions, lease status and more
  • Visual and graphics charts provide instant analytics of the data

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Record income and expenses. Maintain ledgers, issue invoices, and get synchronised data from all stakeholders for financial reporting and tracking transactions

  • Record and manage all receivables and payables in one secure, shared location
  • Maintain transaction notes to retain a history of key issues
  • Quick reconciliations - keep tabs on your bank account, deposits, reconciliations and more

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Give full control to your landlords to access real-time, accurate, and transparent financial reports.

  • Sort reports based on the property types, locations, tenancy status and more
  • Export and download reports in desired formats

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Online Payments
Online Payments

Online Payments

Accept online payments from tenants and landlords via debit or credit card.

  • Secure payment directly from mobile apps
  • Reduce time and costs associated with paper checks
  • Improve tenant retention and satisfaction

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Central Login
Central Login

Central Login

Manage all the communication with tenants, landlords, vendors and inspectors from one dashboard. Stay up to date on important business metrics, work-in-progress, and upcoming tasks.

  • View and manage all lease, upcoming events, renewals and progress
  • Communicate with landlords, tenants and vendors
  • Manage maintenance, inspections and work orders
  • share reports and portfolio insights with stakeholders

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Go paperless and improve turnaround time with predefined leasing templates, approval workflows, digital signatures and online document storage

  • Create and customize lease documents online
  • Request and store candidates’ information
  • Request approval from landlords
  • Process lease with e-signatures

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It’s Easy! Let your tenant submit visual requests for maintenance or repairs. You can smartly assign it to vendors and receive automated updates of the progress.

  • Tenant self-service with easy image upload
  • Easy scheduling based on tenant availability
  • Assign work order to vendor directly from dashboard
  • Smart progress notifications

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Smart Inspection
Smart Inspection

Smart Inspection

Conduct move-in, move-out and periodic property inspections in a fraction of the time, with our fully-integrated mobile app with offline performance, flexible forms, instant photos and e-signature.

  • Assign inspections request to vendors from central login
  • Predefined inspection templates and customizable forms
  • Instant photo uploads
  • On-the-spot e-signatures

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Smart Work Orders
Smart Work Orders

Smart Work Orders

Connect vendors to your ecosystem to simplify the work order process and provide full visibility on works to all stakeholders.

  • Assign work orders to vendors on-the-go
  • Automatic status notifications for tenants, landlords and property managers
  • Pay vendors online once the task is completed
  • Increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time by automating the process
  • Retain and satisfy all your stakeholders

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Take Control with a Complete, Cloud-Based Property Management Software

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Ease of Use

Our user friendly interface has a lot to offer, easy to learn and use with the best user experience.

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With our industry leading security measures, your encrypted data is completely secured with our enterprise level redundancy, backup monitoring and diagnosis system.

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Eliminate repeated tasks and reduce human errors by automating everything from lease renewals, work order assignments to progress updates, reporting and reminders.

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HappyTenant is a complete integrated software system with four mobile apps to manage all your property management operations. Our Universal integration interface allows you connect with other industry software.

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Easy Onboarding

Seamless onboarding will help you to be up and running in no time.

Cutting Edge Technology

The only smart software system with u to date technology that connects you to all your stakeholders through mobile apps. Our top-notch engineering team make sure that HappyTenant is always evolving with the market needs.


We believe that automation is the future for every company. HappyTenant provides you all the tools you need to grow your business in an affordable price.

We listen to your needs

At HappyTenant we put our customers at the core of our business. We carefully listen to their needs and suggestions, and offer solutions to help them grow their business.

Streamlining Property Management Operations


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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Allsopp & Allsopp
Driven Properties
Provident Real Estate
haus & haus
Your Place
Evertree II ISPV Limited
My Greek Vacations
Cayan Homes
Metropolitan Premium Properties
Al Baker Real Estate
Mkey Property Solutions
Coldwell Banker Property Management - Phuket
AX Capital
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Power to expand your business portfolio with one ultimate solution.

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Customers Love HappyTenant

Shaelesh Raj

Savills Middle East

HappyTenant has enabled our teams to improve, modernize our workflows, and allowed for easier cross-platform communications.

HappyTenant has enabled our teams to improve, modernize our workflows, and allowed for easier cross-platform communications. The HappyTenant support team are quick to resolve queries, and continue to incorporate/develop on new systems and features, which improve the system as a whole. The system is always evolving, and continuously expanding in scope and function.

Silvia Eldawi

Driven Properties

Our team love the system - Our landlords love the dashboard - Our tenants love the app

The HappyTenant ecosystem has completely transformed and streamlined our Property Management processes. Supporting our tech driven goals and desire to go paperless, not only has the software and application improved the team’s productivity - we are now able to measure the satisfaction of our tenants. A must-have tool to impress prospective landlords and meet the expectations of the new era.

Paul Kelly

Allsopp & Allsopp

The information flow to our clients is seamless.

Allsopp & Allsopp have always put a huge emphasis on our client’s experience and this was the key focus when choosing a company to partner with for our property management portfolio. The information flow to our clients is seamless. Our Landlords have everything they need to know about their investment(s) at their fingertips and our Tenants can report any issues at the touch of a button. Internally we’ve advanced our efficiency levels which in turn serves to further improve our service levels to our clients.

Romaa'l Aravin Patel

The Property

HappyTenant is easy, simple to use and efficient!

HappyTenant is seemingly simple, intuitive and has made us way more efficient. It has made our communications simple and trackable with tenants, landlords and vendors. The dashboard features and notifications are amazing in bringing transparency and efficiency in reporting, communications and maintenance services - all from one well organized system.

Alexandra Zisimopoulou

My Vacations

HappyTenant has created ultimate value for us!

HappyTennat has changed the Way of Communication with the tenants through automated reminders, visual maintenance requests and it’s easy to keep track of our activities, leases and renewals with Constant reminders.

Sharon Odak

Cayan Homes

Happytenant honestly saves 85% of my time.

Happytenant honestly saves 85% of my time. I can track payments, send reminders, prepare reports all with a few clicks of a button. Previously my monthly reports would take me an hour to compile but now I get it done in 10 minutes! I can easily track due payments and maintenance requests…the convenience is unparalleled.

Alina Adamco

Metropolitan Premium Properties

Thank you for the wonderful HappyTenant system!

We have found the perfect platform to manage our real estate management tasks. Simplicity and ease of doing business is our key goal and HappyTenant helped us to implement this into our work process. We are very glad that we have discovered this service!