5 ways to attract millennials as tenants for your rental properties

Attract Millennials as tenants

5 ways to attract millennials as tenants for your rental properties

According to a recent survey, there are 72M millennials and 67M Gen Zers in the USA, and they are the driving force for rental properties more than ever. It is good news for the property managers looking for renters, but it is not always a piece of cake to attract renters, especially these young generations, they are smart, savvy, demanding the best facilities, communities, and amenities.

Here is how you can attract millennials to your rental customer.

Simplify the leasing process

The young generation is tech-savvy, trendy, and always on the go. Property managers must meet their pace to close leasing deals - offer them a digital solution that allows them to review their lease agreement on their mobile, e-sign it with a tap of a finger, and submit their documents online.

Add a bit more to the space

Try to create a communal space as millennials are the most attracted by it. If you think the space is too limited, try to consider transforming your rooftop. Maybe create a fitness/yoga space, add a bit of greenery, a small pool, etc. It is a great way for millennials to relax and stay healthy, making them want your space even more.

Provide option for online payment

In this era, all renters prefer paying online - it’s not just considered safer for records keeping but also saves time, and is hassle-free. Online payments attract millennials as they love technology and prefer the freedom, to pay anytime, anywhere. This keeps the renters satisfied and lets you receive the rent on time with the auto-debit option.

Smarter Management for Smart Generation

Millennials and Gen Zers spend more than 40% of their time on mobile phones (excluding 9 hrs. sleep). To establish a relationship with such customers, property managers need to connect with them on their key touchpoint - mobile!Opt for a smart property management system like HappyTenant - that has 4 separate mobile apps for each stakeholder (Tenant, Landlords, Maintenance, and Inspection) and digitalizes your complete property management operations.

Your tech-savvy tenants will love the ease of access to their property and lease information, online payments, visual maintenance requests, and smart notifications & reminders, right on their mobile app.

Set up fun activities

To help spread the word about your company and property it is always a good idea to host some events. Who wouldn’t like to participate or attend fun activities? Use social media, webinars, digital announcements, and not just this, allow your tenants to connect via neighborhood on their HappyTenant mobile app. These events will let you have a chance to connect with your tenants and provide them with a sense of satisfaction living in your managed property.