How Property Managers can deliver a better and happy tenancy experience to their customer

Deliver a better and happy tenancy experience

How Property Managers can deliver a better and happy tenancy experience to their customers

As the world is transforming, so are the real estate markets. Changed times mean newer problems and in this new era, there is also a change in the perception and motivation of the renters towards the property management companies. These newer problems require newer and modern solutions to deal with them and when it comes to delivering a better tenancy experience, there is always room for that!

Here are some ways how your tenancy experience can get much better.

Better Communication

According to various surveys, the communication gap is the main problem for renters. Sometimes it’s hard for the renters to reach out to the property managers about matters that are of utmost concern to them. This demands a digital platform for effective communication between the renters, landlords, vendors, and managers to keep everyone in the loop and stay updated.

Better payment plan

There needs to be flexibility when it comes to online payment technology. A variety of payment plans can make it easy for the renters unlike the traditional paperwork or lease system. Not only do online payments are more flexible, they save time, avoid unnecessary hassle but they also improve the experience and keep the tenants satisfied.

Better response times

The one thing that gets the tenants upset is slow response time especially when it comes to maintenance. Taking notes of the problem, explaining it to the manager, and then getting a vendor could be really frustrating. It is necessary to have a solution where the renters can be responded to in a matter of hours.

Technology is something that can help in all these areas. While finding such an extensive solution seemed like a digital dream but HappyTenant lets you bring all your stakeholders on one platform and not just this it provides every stakeholder a separate mobile app for effective & efficient communication and automates more than 80% of manual tasks.

With HappyTenant you can make sure that your communication, maintenance to payment plans, everything is perfect. HappyTenant provides a platform where leasing, inspection, payment, and communication are done online. It lets you respond to the renter within an hour, they can snap a picture of their problem in the house on the app and a vendor is assigned within hours to solve the issue. It let the renters provide their feedback and send auto-updates to the manager. Insights and reports are also saved along with the record of all the payments and necessary information. There couldn’t be a way better to deliver a happy tenancy experience than this!