Put technology to work to increase operational efficiency and deliver a better tenancy experience.

Deliver a better and happy tenancy experience

Maintenance can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming operations to manage as a property manager. Find out how you can put technology to work to increase operational efficiency and deliver a better experience.

Do you feel like you and your team members are spending too much time on the maintenance of your properties and all the problems associated with it?

Then you have come to the right place! Every property management company requires support for maintenance as it is the most challenging and time-consuming system. If your maintenance operations are not handled professionally and efficiently, your whole business can be negatively impacted by it. Here is how you can eliminate maintenance challenges by using technology.

Have a full picture of your maintenance system

Rather than handling all the repairs and requests manually on paper which is time-consuming and hectic, move towards digitized operations of maintenance through a cloud-based system and smart integrated mobile apps from HappyTenant. Through this, you can get all the work done in no time and also manage or have a look at all the requests easily on one screen.

Decreasing the workload of employees

Maintenance work can require lots of manual work that burns out the employees hence slowing down the process. Through a software system, all these requests and job orders will be in one place with automated and smart notifications for different stakeholders - making the work much easier.

Reduce expenses

Avoid multiple trips for analyzing and then fixing the problem as digitalization lets you upload everything online where your workflow stays constant

Reach out to all your stakeholders

Reach out to your stakeholders like vendors or maintenance teams after sharing visual work orders on their mobile app and avoids the tiring visits for inspection.

Instant Tracking

Track everything including payments, expenses, work orders, etc all in one space.

Work-order Synchronization

After you assign a work order through an app, all your stakeholders are notified from the acceptance of the job to the task being done, everything is updated with complete history and details.

Connect your maintenance team with HappyTenant and avoid problems that are time-consuming, inefficient, and manual with the automated process that lets you respond quickly to all requests with the right tools that are easier to navigate. The provided insights through the app give you a great opportunity to increase efficiency. Let your team members have a great balance and save their valuable time so they can focus on higher initiatives.