Together towards a sustainable future - Rethinking living spaces to go biophilic & digitalize to save the environment

Together towards a sustainable future

Together towards a sustainable future - Rethinking living spaces to go biophilic & digitalize to save the environment

It’s noticeable how everyone is moving to a digitized sustainable environment, and for that, you can already see an increasing number of offices with potted plants. Plants are now the centric feature of designs. As you bridge the gap between the outdoor and the indoor, the natural biophilic space makes you feel closer to nature and ensures well-being. Not only this but property managers in workplaces are now digitizing all their work to save papers and be more sustainable.

Here’s why it’s time to move biophilic and become digitized.

Why go biophilic?

Humans tend to come from nature and the bond between humans and nature is truly necessary. Nature is what helps us thrive. Research shows that being close to nature can not only help your mental well-being but also your physical.

Maintaining a connection with nature at your workplace can have a positive impact on your health and brainpower. Give you some more calming vibes. This connection also means that you have a strong ground when it comes to saving nature too. Digitalizing has helped save the environment in plenty of ways, if you haven’t digitized your work yet, it’s time you do! Digitalizing also helps increase the pace of work and makes it much easier for property managers.

Here is how you can go green at your office:

  1. Create green walls with species of plants like ivy.

  2. Reduce printing.

  3. Make green the theme of your office by investing more in potted plants.

  4. Invest in glass ceilings, doors to receive more sunlight.

  5. Consider paperless operations with HappyTenant - A smart property management system.

  6. Plant a garden outside your office, with a walking path, swings, fountains, and benches.

  7. Re-use or recycle paper.

  8. Outdoor spaces should be shaded so more time doing work can be spent there.

  9. Shift to digital financial statements.

How does this help you?

Since a biophilic environment makes people more positive, happy, and thoughtful, the energetic vibes make it easier to recruit and retain your important resources, since they are likely to be more attracted as it will look more enjoyable rather than in a closed dull space. While digitalization will allow them to work from anywhere a great biophilic office will attract your employee to enjoy working from the office too.