How HappyTenant automates property management operations - Answered!

How HappyTenant automates property management operations

How HappyTenant automates property management operations - Answered!

Whenever we connect with our customers, we try to understand their key concerns and respond to them personally. However, we always found that some of the questions are similar questions, so we assembled those FAQs here:

Q: Is HappyTenant a web portal with separate logins for tenants, property managers, and landlords?

HappyTenant is a complete ecosystem that offers both web portals and mobile apps for different stakeholders:

  1. HappyManager - An integrated web portal for the property manager

  2. HappyTenant - A mobile app for tenants (available on both iPhone and Android)

  3. HappyLandlord - A mobile app for landlords (available on both iPhone and Android)

  4. HappyMaintenance - A mobile app for maintenance team/vendors (available on both iPhone and Android)

  5. HappySnaglist- A mobile app for Inspection (available on both iPhone and Android)

Q: How can we connect with tenants for reminders or updates?

HappyTenant automates reminders and updates via push notifications and emails. Your tenants get auto reminders for payments, document updates, and lease renewals alongside auto status updates on open tickets, payments status, etc.

Q: Do we have to pay for each app separately?

No, all 4 mobile apps and the backend portal are included as 1 integrated system.

Q: Can Tenant pay their rent online on the Tenant App?

Yes, we can integrate with your payment gateway so your tenants and pay online.

Q: Can we restrict access to certain users or tenants?

Yes, HappyTenant allows you to control your portfolio access according to your needs.

Q: is it possible to generate customized reports on HappyTenant?

Yes, you can generate on-demand custom reports from HappyTenant and can also download them into excel or PDF formats.

Q: Can we customize our document formats for lease, addendums, snagging reports etc:

Yes, HappyTenant gives you the freedom to create custom templates for your lease documents, while snagging reports can also be customized from both HappyManager portal and HappySnaglist app.