Your property management business website - the key to your digital marketing

Your property management business website - the key to your digital marketing

Your property management business website - the key to your digital marketing

Regardless of industry, your business website is the heart of your digitalization strategy and essential to building your business credibility online. It’s one of the most competitive places to reach and attract your audience with full ROI and conversion cycle visibility. Sure, you need ILS syndication and Google page results to boost your online visibility, but your website is your key marketing tool to boost your business growth.

As a property management company, your website requires experience tailored to the industry and addresses the needs of the target audience; tenants and property owners. Check out some of the quick and easy ways to improve your property marketing website and attract more prospects:

Brand Awareness:

One of the most important things when it comes to any type of business is brand recognition. You want to make sure that the information, colors, and branding on your website to relevant to your goals and help build the desired brand perception in your audience. Besides, it should also offer a user-friendly experience and details about your properties.


Put your listed units on your website, and make them easily searchable. Also, add more data to your property listings to help build SEO. Include marketing details, layouts, and descriptions of units so people can see what you have to offer. We advise you to go a step further and integrate your website with HappyTenant and automate your preleasing process.

Mobile-friendly Design:

More than 61% of web traffic comes from smartphones, so make sure your website is device friendly and offers an intuitive user experience to smartphone users. The best way to design your property management website is to trust experts like LAVA Brands. Let these professionals make your site as attractive, SEO optimized and user-friendly as possible.

Social Media Integration:

Embed links to the company’s social media presence using crisp graphics. This increases your online credibility, brings more traffic to your website, and supports your digital marketing:

Social media marketing creates web traffic.

Getting likes from web visitors on their social media accounts helps marketing efforts.Social media also makes it easier for web visitors to stay connected to your company.