5 easy ways to engage tenants and owners this Holiday Season!

Customer relationship management is the key to every business's success!

5 easy ways to engage tenants and owners this Holiday Season!

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a good opportunity to strengthen your relationship with clients and your community by sending holiday greetings and well wishes. As a property manager, effective communication is a crucial element of success. Here are 5 easy ways to connect with your stakeholders easily and smartly:

1. Notify everyone about the holiday period

With HappyTenant, communicate via broadcast messages about your work timings for this holiday period. Send bulk announcements to your tenants and owners about your schedule and how way they can reach your team for emergency requests during the holiday period

2. Send personalized greeting

Engage your tenants and landlords to build stronger relationships via automated personalized greetings with HappyTenant. All your stakeholders will receive automated greetings generated through HappyTenant property management software for every important day in a calendar year

3. Make sure tenants and owners can still get in touch with you

Make the most out of HappyTenant property management software and stay connected with your tenants, landlords, and vendors. Anytime, Anywhere!

4. Ensure your owners and tenants can easily make their payments online

Let your tenants and owners pay you online from their tenant and landlord apps respectively. Guide this feature to your tenants and landlords so everyone pays on time with zero hassle.

5. Host a community event this Holiday Season

Christmas is ahead so why not host an event for your community members, engage with them at this special time and grab the opportunity to bring them closer to you! Share this event via HappyTenant app and notify everyone instantly.

HappyTenant is a complete integrated property management solution that offers every point mentioned above and much more, request a demo with their team and add them to your property management software shopping list.