Grow your business through by empowering your customers with a dedicated mobile app for landlords.

HappyLandlord gives landlords control, visibility, and transparency by enabling them to view the real-time updates, insights, and reports about their portfolio - eliminating the dependability on property managers to shares these reports at weekly or monthly intervals.

Attract and retain landlords and grow your business as they grow

Maximize Effectiveness

Maximize Effectiveness

Get out of manually calling and messaging for follow ups.Landlords can approve requests and pay online via landlord app.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking/Updates

Allows landlords to access real-time insights about the portfolio performance and financial positioning and reports. Also, they can customize the reports and download in preferred formats

Clear & Transparent

Clear & Transparent

Build trust between the stakeholders, with the transparency to access live insights without multiple requests and manual operations, building the trust between the stakeholders.

Take Control

Take Control

Give complete access of the portfolio to owner to review, screen and approved all the task from pre-leasing, maintenance, inspections, financials and analytics.

Latest technology to control the entire portfolio on fingertips

Real-time Analytics
Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Provide landlords with the transparency they need into portfolio performance and operations. Give them the comfort they need, and the tools to plan.

  • Gain visibility with charts and graphics for simplified portfolio intelligence
  • Compare performance across properties, asset classes and regions
  • Work faster and more consistently with built-in workflows
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Let your landlords ‘deep dive’ wherever they need to, with full visibility into financial performance.

  • On-demand reports for portfolio performance, rent collection, receivables and payables
  • Sort portfolio by property type, area, building and vacancy status.
  • Generate P&L, balance sheets, contributions and draws, and detailed transaction reports
Online Payment
Online Payment

Online Payment

Remove transactional friction with online payments for everyone

  • Collect rent and and other payments online
  • Collect deposits from landlords for service and maintenance charges
  • Keep track of all the payments and available funds in the e-wallet
  • Make payments to landlords
Landlord Wallet
Landlord Wallet

Landlord Wallet

Provide landlords with a single-page view into current wallet status, with drill-down capability

  • Provides visibility and transparency to landlords to the real-time financial standing of their money
  • View contributions and distributions for all properties
  • Instant snapshot of properties, with receivables, payables and deposits in one location
  • Transaction history with receipts and invoices


Streamline landlord approvals for various processes

  • Approve funds requested for repairs, replacements, or contingencies
  • Approve tenant applications based on candidate profiles and offers
  • Landlords can review candidate details and profile and decide whether to approve them for tenancy or not
  • Landlords can easily approve the tenants on the go with HappyLandlord app
  • Automated notifications will be send to property manager and tenant as soon as the candidate is approved
  • Keep track of all the approvals, maintenance requests and fund transfers

Document Storage/Manager

Provide landlords with instant access to key tenant, contract and financial documentation.

  • Access contracts and receipts to cross-reference financial reports
  • Instant notifications for based on work order progress with attached approvals and receipts
  • Landlords will also receive automatic updates from the vendors on the services request progress and receipts for the cost incurred. Pay only for what is approved and scale to meet the needs
  • Smart reminders for the lease renewals, contracts endings and vacancy alerts will put the landlords in control, even when they are on the move

Better Communication

Build trust and save time - Landlords will have instant access to their portfolio performance, shared documents and financial reports without the hassle of calls, emails or follow-ups. No more waiting for the landlords to receive weekly, monthly or quarterly reports of their portfolios’ financial performance.

  • Landlords will have instant online access to important documents, performance insights and financial statements
  • Innovate the conventional communication to smart notifications - share important updates, approval requests for lease or service funds and reminder for important dates via mobile automated emails and push notifications
  • Landlords will enjoy full transparency and visibility into their portfolio insights, tenants details, contract expiries and upcoming renewals

Customers Love HappyTenant

Romaa'l Aravin Patel

The Property

HappyTenant is easy, simple to use and efficient!

HappyTenant is seemingly simple, intuitive and has made us way more efficient. It has made our communications simple and trackable with tenants, landlords and vendors. The dashboard features and notifications are amazing in bringing transparency and efficiency in reporting, communications and maintenance services - all from one well organized system.