My Greek Vacations

My Greek Vacation is a bespoke travel company specializing in accommodation and short-term living services in Greece. They managed multiple rooms, apartments and luxury vacation home for short term stay, booked through multiple channels, travel agents, directly by tourist or through classified accommodation websites.

HappyTenant Experience

We asked Alexandra Zisimopoulou from My Greek Vacations about the difference they have experienced after integrating Happytenant as their property management software and the 3 key functions which she considered as a game changer for their property management activates were:


The ability to send notifications to all (or some) tenants with one click has saved our day, Happytenant has made it easy to communicate to tenants, vendors with preset template and automate workflows

Notifications & alerts

Constant reminder made it easy to keep track of several activities, and eliminate the chances to miss a task

Source of information

Many of our employees are using it as a Database, especially for information regarding tenants and contracts, it had made it easier to us to view and extract multiple report, insight and analytics and provide 360 view of business performance.

As an ending note, she mentioned, “Happytenant is a must to have tool to bring efficiency to day to day property management process, with HappyTenant we have noticed a measurable difference in our team’s productivity and can engage with our tenants, landlords, and vendors in a better way.”