5 Features to Must-have in Commercial Property Management Software

Features to Must-have in Commercial Property Management Software

5 Features to Must-have in Commercial Property Management Software

It’s no secret managing commercial property is incredibly challenging. From undertaking time to time property maintenance to collecting rent and managing all the amenities for different renters- Property managers often find themselves bewildered to handle everything alone. That’s why they often rely on advanced technology, like cloud-based web application software for commercial property management. And, if you are a property manager looking to stay organized and stress-free, especially in the case of rent management, choose the one that can help your business grow and manage your operations a breeze! But, how to find the right one? Knowing what to look for can actually help you! Interested? Go on reading, then, and see what important features the commercial property management software must have to ease your challenges.

What Features to Look for in the Best Commercial Property Management System

A cloud-based property management software is the best solution to your challenges of overseeing commercial properties. And, when searching for one, make sure to look for these important features:

Seamless Communication

Communication with renters is key to keeping them happy while helping you gain competitive advantages. The commercial property management software you choose must have seamless communication features so you can stay connected with the renters and have full control. For example:

In short, you can keep all the communication with renters in one place without juggling emails, calls, or text messages while recording the communication history!

Easy Rent Collection

Collecting rent from commercial renters is another headache. But, with commercial rent management software, it can become a breeze if it has online payment features! With this convenience, you can ensure on-time rent payments while eliminating the need for checks and cash with secure debit or credit card payment options. Moreover, you can collect the maintenance charges easily!

Property Accounting and Reporting

Being a commercial property manager, you know how time-consuming and daunting property accounting and reporting are. But, managing all these has become easier than ever with the property management software integrating property accounting and reporting features! You can keep your invoices, rent collection, bills, and banking on track while receiving real-time accurate financial reports based on your needs. In fact, you can share that instantly with your clients, if necessary, in any format!

Work Order Management

Another way to keep your renters satisfied is by providing them with a convenient maintenance experience that they can enjoy. Once your renters send you a maintenance request online on the portal, you can assign the work order easily to your internal team or external vendors in no time. Renters will definitely feel happy and appreciate such a quick response from property managers. Furthermore, you can track a record of the work progress by streamlining the entire maintenance process. So, while choosing a commercial property management system, look for work order management features!

Insights and Analytics

Property managers need to make strategic decisions, which requires strong insights. That’s why many property management software includes analytics features. Always go for such one to have real-time insights into your rental portfolio performance and improve that with better decision-making. Nevertheless, you can check if your renters are satisfied using happiness meter analytics and more.

Get Started with HappyTenant

In this fast-paced world, managing a commercial property is a challenge. And, if you want to make it simpler, powerful commercial property management software with fully-integrated mobile apps is all you need!

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