Award-winning Property Management software designed to help you grow your business

Happy Manager is the core of the Happy Tenant ecosystem, a cloud-based web application that integrates with our suite of mobile apps

Keep Track of all your property management activities and increased efficiency by 75%


Optimise Leasing

Optimise the listing-to-lease process with property portal integration, predefined leasing templates, automated approvals from landlords, online document storage and digital signatures.


Improve Work Efficiency

Eliminate double-entry and tedious manual tasks across your front and back office. Reduce phone calls and emails among your stakeholders, with automated communication channels and key data at your fingertips.


Communicate effectively

Improve stakeholder relationships by connecting tenants, landlords and vendors across the leasing lifecycle in an app-centric environment.


Centralised Dashboard

Manage your entire business - all departments, processes, intelligence, tasks and alerts - from one central hub. No more mad dashes to and from the filing cabinet. No more email searches. It’s all here.

Accounting & Reporting


Property accounting

Make life easier by automating your property accounting

  • Keep your banking, bills, invoices and rent collection in line and on track.
  • Reminder and alert on recurring receivables such as rent payments so you never miss out any payment.
  • Go paperless, create invoices and approval requests directly from your dashboard which will be automatically sent to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Save time with ‘Automated Late Fees’ functionality which ensures that fees are assessed accurately and on time, according to your lease agreements.
  • Issue refunds at the time of closing lease agreements

Online payments

Improve efficiency with the convenience of online payment options for accepting rent and paying owners.

  • Collect rent and and other payments online
  • Collect deposits from landlords for service and maintenance charges


Real-time, accurate financial reporting to the landlord and property managers.

  • Easily configure reports based on your requirements
  • Instantly share with your clients, or export to any format

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Marketing & Leasing


Automated rental listing

Maximise your marketing reach and bring your units to market faster

  • HappyTenant provides you your own microsite for available inventory
  • Integrate with the leading property portals
  • Consolidate leads into a single dashboard

Tenant Screening and Approval

Bring in the right tenants and streamline your screening process

  • Allow tenants to share required documents online
  • Score candidates based on eligibility criteria, including check with authorities
  • App-based landlord approvals for tenants
  • Automatically notify prospective tenants of outcome


Get the deal done faster, with less administrative work, margin for error and back-and-forth.

  • Create and reuse predefined templates for all of your lease documents
  • Digital signatures make the formalities painless
  • Let your tenant access the e-lease from HappyTenant

Online document storage

No more running to and from your filing cabinet, or searching your shared drive. Everything you need is right here.

  • Store all documents in a central, secure location, accessible from anywhere
  • Expired Document widget for property managers
  • Tenants can update documents by uploading images from their mobile app

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Work Order Management


Visual Maintenance Request

Give your tenants a maintenance experience that they actually enjoy, on a stable, high performance, usable app.

  • Allow tenants to create and schedule their own service requests, with easy snap photo uploads
  • Respond quickly with instant notifications
  • Review the request and assign to vendors, wherever you are

Work orders & Vendor management

Improve response times by easily assigning work orders to internal teams or external vendors

  • Pre-populated technicians and vendors based on area of expertise
  • Digitally notify and request approval from Landlords
  • Track vendor efficiency by generating and viewing performance reports

Tracking work order progress

Manage the delivery of work orders by providing full app-based transparency to all stakeholders

  • Automated notifications to tenants on their service request status.
  • Reduce consuming follow up calls to vendors and streamline the updates on the active tasks.
  • Receive real-time updates on the progress of the work order.
  • Keep landlords aware of the any service requests via HappyLandlord app.

Upselling Services
Upselling Services

Upselling Services

Increase tenant engagement and expand your revenue streams by offering third party services to your tenants, directly through your app.

  • Integrate as many vendors (dry cleaners, maid service, delivery, etc) as you like
  • Manage all vendors and transactions through the core system
  • Enjoy complete transparency of order history

Insights & Analytics


Strategic decision needs strong Insights

Use real time insights to improve decision making and boost performance.

  • Access insights and real-time data at your fingertips
  • Review customers’ satisfaction with happiness meter analytics
  • Snapshots of your rental portfolio performance and metrics for service requests
  • Charts and graphs to better understand the transactions, payments and upcoming lease renewals
  • Compare KPIs across properties, regions, vendors and employees

Seamless Communication


Integrated Apps

One integrated system. Automated communication for all stakeholders across the entire leasing lifecycle.

  • Tenant app
  • Landlord app
  • Maintenance app
  • Inspection app

Fluid communications

Strengthen your relationships with transparency and gain competitive advantage. Stay connected with tenants and landlords and empower them with full visibility and control.

  • Automate communications through smart notifications and alerts for maintenance, common areas, lease renewals and document expiry updates.
  • Greet your customers with personalized messages on their birthdays and other events.
  • Reduce the manual work associated with landlord reporting
  • Give landlords instant access to their portfolio performance, shared documents and financial reports
  • Send and track personalised reports to landlords containing invoices, work orders, or statements.
  • Streamline communications between owner and vendors for requesting approvals and payments related to service requests.

Customers Love HappyTenant

Driven Properties
Driven Properties

Silvia Eldawi

Driven Properties

Driven Properties

Our team love the system - Our landlords love the dashboard - Our tenants love the app

The HappyTenant ecosystem has completely transformed and streamlined our Property Management processes. Supporting our tech driven goals and desire to go paperless, not only has the software and application improved the team’s productivity - we are now able to measure the satisfaction of our tenants. A must-have tool to impress prospective landlords and meet the expectations of the new era.